Sustainable Cruise Line

Sustainable Cruise Line — Royal Caribbean

Oceans are 71% of the planet and 100% critical to the cruise business. Conserving their health is paramount!

At its core, tourism depends on the beauty and sustainability of the environment. Royal Caribbean has a responsibility to the guests who sail with them, the people who work for them, and the communities we all visit, but most critically they have a responsibility to the oceans, which are at the very essence of the cruise business.

For nearly 40 years, Royal Caribbean has carried out their strong commitment to environmental sustainability by meeting and exceeding regulations that are set. Every day, everywhere their ships go, they operate with a philosophy of continuous improvement as a sustainable cruise line. There is a continued focus on making destinations and shore excursions more sustainable by offering GSTC-certified tours to each and every guest.

Royal Caribbean ship

All ships are built and retrofitted to operate more efficiently with less impact on the environment. Their newest ships emit about 20% less carbon dioxide per person, per day than ships built only a few years ago. In addition, they’ve upgraded existing ships with new technologies that have improved propulsion efficiency by up to 10%. On top of that, they repurpose or find other uses for 100% of all cargo-associated and operational waste. Plus, their wastewater purification levels on many of the ships exceed national and international standards.

Extending well beyond shipboard operations, this sustainable cruise line has established partnerships with organizations like World Wildlife Fund and the University of Miami’s Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science to fund and support ocean conversation and research.

Sustainability and environmental protection are ongoing efforts at Royal Caribbean. With the help of their 60,000+ employees, partners, guests and other like-minded collaborators, they will continue to uphold the commitment to protecting all of our resources and achieve the highest possible standards in the process.

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