Wellness Travel Hacks

Staying Fresh and Rejuvenated on the Go – Travel Hacks and Wellness Tips from Our Pros

Travelling – even if it is to your wellness destination – has the potential to be stressful. But it doesn’t have to be, especially if you keep some of our agents’ travel hacks and wellness tips in mind.

  • “Drink lots of water and pack a good moisturizer.” – Stephanie Durst
  • Katy Bendel recommends: “About 20-minute yoga practice, meditation, moisturizer in your carry-on and empty steel water bottle that you can fill at the water bottle stations after passing security.”
  • “Wear loose-fitting clothing and comfortable shoes; drink plenty of water and hold off on the alcohol,” says Richard Engle.
  • Tina Hoppe says: “Drink plenty of water, deep breathing.”
  • “Get plenty of sleep,” recommends David Edwards.
  • Roberta Long-Kelleher shares her favorite face mist: Natura Bisse Vitamin C mist. She also recommends “yoga before, during, and after a trip.”

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