Debunking Facebook’s BFF Myth

Protravel Debunks Facebook’s BFF Myth

What do you do when you see a post on your Facebook timeline that alerts you of the following issue?

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, invented the word BFF, to make sure your account is safe on Facebook. Type BFF in a comment, if it appears green, your account is protected.
If it does not appear in green, change your password immediately because it may be hacked by someone.

Do you go straight ahead and repost is to make sure your Facebook friends stay safe and are aware of the issue? That is pretty much what hundreds of users have been doing this month. But, did you know that this post is a myth?

At Protravel, we want to make sure you know that this post is not true and debunk the BFF Facebook myth. Let’s start by saying that if in any of your posts “BFF” was not highlighted in a different color, your account was not compromised in any way or at any time. This was probably just caused by your browser settings.

Facebook introduced a new feature last October and has been testing it ever since. This new feature includes certain keywords in your comments that will trigger a matching animation. So, if you use “BFF,” “congratulations,” “rad,” “lmao,” or “thank you so much” in your comment, these keywords would be automatically highlighted in a different color and show a short animation, such as balloons or hearts when you click on them.  Facebook is now updating this great new feature with a list of trigger words and it has absolutely nothing to do with the safety of your account. It is just a fun way to interact with your friends.

We also want to debunk a travel myth:

Travel agents have become obsolete, it’s better to DIY anyways

This could not be further from the truth. When you plan your vacation with a seasoned travel agent, they will get to know you and gain an understanding of what you want to get out from your trip. But the best part is, all of our best-in-class agents will make sure to exceed your wildest travel dreams and wow you from the first moment you start your vacation.

Their knowledge of the best travel products and services combined with their relationships with the best travel suppliers in the industry will allow them to create an experience for you that you won’t be able to create yourself. This includes their access to amenities and upgrades that are not advertised or even known to the public.

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