5 Romantic Destinations

5 Top Romantic Destinations for Two

The second month of the year in the Gregorian calendar is a rather special month and differs from its eleven siblings in many ways: February is the shortest month of the year and brings George Washington’s Birthday, and – what most people would associate this time with – Valentine’s Day on February 14. Celebrating the day of love and romance, Protravel is dedicating the entire month to romance travel and asked its best-in-class travel agents to rate their favorite destinations worldwide for two to enjoy a truly romantic experience.

Our travel experts’ top five romance and honeymoon destinations for 2018 are French Polynesia, Hawaii, Greece, Italy, and France. They have not only picked these places that are perfect for a romantic getaway, but also explain why you and your significant other should plan a trip there.

French Polynesia

Comprised of more than 100 islands in the South Pacific, French Polynesia is a destination that offers something for every taste. Every couple is different and seeks an individual honeymoon or romantic getaway experience. The islands offer a variety of experiences that cater to everyone’s preference.

“Known for its coral-fringed lagoons, waterfalls, white- and black-sand beaches, and over-the-water bungalow hotels, French Polynesia offers a mix of culture, romance and relaxation,” says Ashley Les (Protravel, New York, NY). “Love is in the air all over French Polynesia. Here, you can immerse yourself in cultural experiences. Visit the old maraes, the pearl farms, or have an authentic meal at the amazing restaurants. Afterwards, take your partner and enjoy a few hours alone at these wonderful lagoons.”

Alison Ramirez (Protravel, Chicago, IL) explains: “My clients come back happy and Zen. French Polynesia is undoubtedly a romantic destination and offers my clients a high-quality experience. The service level is A+ and there are a wide variety of experiences to choose from. The destination itself is scenic and romantic. There are tons of beautiful places in the world, but there is just that special something about French Polynesia (and also our other top 5 destination, Italy).”

“French Polynesia has everything you need for romance: turquoise blue water, sandy beaches, warm sun, French cuisine, and over-the-water beach bungalows,” adds June Kleier (Protravel, Scottsdale, AZ). “It’s an easy eight-hour flight from Los Angeles Airport (LAX) and it’s remote. French Polynesia gets as many visitors in a year that Hawaii gets in one week.  It’s the perfect romantic escape. My tip: Take a Paul Gauguin Cruise to Tahiti.”


The U.S. state, Hawaii, is famous for its waterfalls, cliffs, tropical foliage, and colorful beaches and makes a wonderful choice for couples who want to enjoy some quality time together.

“Hawaii is ideal for romance travel, because of the variety of attractions it offers,” says Samantha Hartman (Protravel, Roseland, NJ). “Travelers can have the relaxing beach atmosphere that they are looking for, but with so much more. They can also enjoy lush landscapes, adventure activities, off-the-beaten-path drives, and romantic sunset meals. Ride down Maui’s Haleakala Crater by bike while the sun rises, lay poolside at the gorgeous Andaz Maui in the afternoon, and then enjoy a candlelight dinner at a trendy restaurant by night. My favorite Hawaii itineraries offer a combination of more than one island.”

“Made for honeymoons and romantic trips, Hawaii is an exotic destination and every island has a slightly different personality ensuring that couples from all walks of life can find their dream vacation here. An added benefit is that U.S. travelers do not need to worry about a passport.” shares Elena Omard (Protravel, New York, NY)

Ashley Les (Protravel, New York, NY) agrees with her colleagues: “There is so much you can do. The Hawaiian people are wonderful and the food is amazing. You have beaches, mountains, and waterfalls. What’s more romantic than swimming under the waterfalls with the love of your life?”


With thousands of islands throughout the Aegean and Ionian seas, Greece offers travelers a variety of activities and experiences, but especially a magical romantic retreat for every taste. From Athens to Santorini, you will find that no matter where you go, love is in the air and you can explore some of the most romantic and charming places with your partner. Highly influential in ancient times, Greece is known for its beautiful Mediterranean landscapes and its mythology. Where other than here can you follow the paths of one of the most tragic love stories of an entire country fighting a ten-year siege against the city of Troy to return King Menelaus’ wife Helen, better known as Helen of Troy?

“The history and mythology in Greece is my favorite part,” says Ashley Les (Protravel, New York, NY). “Together with your significant other, you can visit Athens, explore the city and the Acropolis citadel with the Parthenon temple, and learn more about its rich history. You can and should combine your stay with a few destinations. You can take a ferry to the most amazing islands that all offer you a truly individualized experience. The crystal-clear waters of the ocean, beautiful beaches, and the Greek food will make your honeymoon or simple getaway for the two of you a memory you will cherish together for a lifetime.”

“I love Greece for a romantic getaway (Santorini more specifically) because of the style of the hotels and the ambiance of the island,” adds Alex Christensen (Protravel, Chicago, IL). “The cave-style hotels often have private pools or jacuzzies and something about the way the rooms are tucked into the cliffsides make them feel extra cozy and secluded. Not having cars in the villages also adds to the serenity of the place. The views alone are romantic enough without even considering everything else the island has to offer.”


“Italy is a wonderful country to get lost in and to practice that marriage-success-communication called ‘compromise,’” explains Mari Marks (Protravel, Beverly Hills, CA) “In one region you can find history as you explore Rome or get to know Puglia the next ‘it-location’ in Italy.  What about shopping, cooking or even learning about the different Italian wines? You and your partner can do it all. If you are interested in hiking, you can visit Mount Etna in Sicily and find your favorite UNESCO site or if visiting Southern Italy seems too far, there is always Cinque Terra or a visit to the Dolomites. Romance can be found in any of these regions. A romantic dinner overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, cooking classes in one of the hillside villages outside of Rome, or getting lost on your Vespa as you find your way to Lake Como will add even more to your experience.”

“Italy is romantic, has exceptional food, culture, and varying regions that can give honeymooners a versified experience all in one country,” agrees Elena Omard (Protravel, New York, NY).

Fran Fishman (Protravel, Harrison, NY) adds: “Italy is by far my favorite place. As much as there are many wonderful destinations in the world, there is something magical about Italy. A combination of the food and wine along with warm and colorful people throughout the country makes Italy so special. The scenery is picturesque and charming in its own way. At the same time, historically Italy has so much to offer a traveler and one can always feel inspired. The properties from the big cities to the Tuscan countryside and the coastal towns all make for a diverse honeymoon. My tip: Don’t forget the great shopping experience Italy has to offer the lucky bride. I like to combine a little bit of everything for a well-balanced, beautiful honeymoon. I have sent many couples to Italy for their honeymoons and they all returned home elated.”

Romance travel to the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France


When looking for romantic destinations in France, most of us will think of the City of Light. Paris is never short on beauty, history, or diversions. Here you can explore the Louvre, picnic on the lawn by the Eiffel Tower, bike through Le Marais, or get lost together on the charming cobble stone streets and find a little bistro. But also, Paul Cézanne’s birthplace Aix-en-Provence in Southern France has everything couples could wish for in a romantic getaway. Relax at cafes or the Morning Market, and make sure you visit the area’s sweet-smelling lavender fields as well as the Aix vineyards.

Mari Marks (Protravel, Beverly Hills, CA) says: “Any wine region in France is a wonderful place to enjoy each other’s company and spend a week or two of quality time with your partner.  My tip: Surprise each other with a hot air balloon ride overlooking the villages and wineries.”

For a truly magical trip to France, Samantha Hartman (Protravel Roseland, NJ) recommends couples and honeymooners to stay at the Grand Hotel du Cap Ferrat, in the French Riviera.

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