3 Reasons to Visit Antarctica

ABERCROMBIE & KENT: Three Reasons to Visit Antarctica Now

As part of one of our favorite sustainable travel destination, we love earth’s last true and least-touched wilderness, Antarctica. That’s why we are thrilled to share with eco-conscious and nature loving travelers Abercrombie & Kent’s three reasons to visit Antarctica on your very next vacation.

If you want to visit Antarctica, make sure you are working with an experienced travel agent advisor, such as our Protravel experts, and travel suppliers like Abercrombie & Kent as they will help you find out what kind of activities you can expect and advise you on how you can visit this icy wonderland like a responsible traveler. For example, you should follow sustainable travel practices and respect the environment and restricted areas and help protecting the Arctic flora and fauna.

Now, let’s take a look at just three amazing reasons why you should travel to Antarctica:

Reason 1: Penguins, penguins, and more penguins

The unofficial ambassadors of Antarctica, penguins come in a variety of shapes and sizes, a few favorites are the Chinstrap and Adélie. Penguins have no innate fear of humans and visitors often find themselves approached by the curious birds.

Reason 2: An ever-changing landscape of ice

With its towering blue icebergs, Antarctica is like a vast, open-air museum of ever-changing sculptures, as awe-inspiring as any natural wonder on earth. Navigate among these floating giants on a nimble Zodiac boat, an expert pilot/guide providing insight.

Reason 3: Claim your seventh continent

For many, Antarctica is the destination that checks the seventh and last continent off their list of places to see. Setting foot on the White Continent is a thrilling moment for any traveler, one we want to share with everyone who craves inspiring adventure.

If you want to see more, watch A&K’s classic Antarctica video.

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