15 Romance Travel Hacks

15 Travel Hacks and Tips for Couples to Enjoy a Truly Romantic Vacation

She wants to go hiking and explore the cultural sites, while he enjoys water sports and the local art scene. How do you make sure that you and your partner get the most out of your honeymoon and still spend your time together? How do you plan the perfect romantic getaway and avoid any reason to not fully enjoy quality time together no matter where you’re going? The answer is simple: talk to your trusted travel agent and share with them what you love to do together and alone. Your travel agent is well-versed in creating stunning strips that will make both of you happy and so have an unforgettable experience.

Here are already a few tips from our honeymoon experts for your next journey together:

  1. “Best travel tip is to listen to what each other wants, compromise and stretch yourself to try new things.” – Mari Marks (Protravel, Beverly Hills, CA)
  2. “Disconnect from work, friends, and family. Your honeymoon is for you two only. Love each other, totally relax, and don’t look at your phone!” – Maddy Wolpa (Protravel, Encino)
  3. “Don’t try to do too much. Overextending yourself is a quick way to make a vacation far less relaxing.” –Alex Christensen (Protravel, Chicago, IL)
  1. “Try new things together, or combine your passions and have a truly relaxing and indulgent romantic getaway.” – Jayne-Louise Webb (Protravel, Miami, FL)
  2. “Learn new things together and schedule “couples time” and “alone time.” – Patricia Serrano-Chungsathaporn (Protravel, New York, NY)
  3. “Try a destination that has places to relax and interesting sites or experiences to share. Try a bucket list destination to make it memorable.” – Elena Omard (Protravel, New York, NY)
  4. “For a romantic vacation, pay in advance. Stay at an all-inclusive property in the Caribbean or take a romantic cruise to Tahiti but pre-pay as much as you can in advance. This will allow you can concentrate on each other and not the cost of a meal, adventure or activity.” – June Kleier (Protravel, Scottsdale, AZ)
  5. “Booking at least one new pre-advanced activity that excites you both for the trip!” – Alison Ramirez (Protravel, Chicago, IL)
  6. “A Caribbean cruise or an all-inclusive beach resort are the most romantic and best vacations for both relaxation and activities. You can’t go wrong with either one, as long as you don’t plan a trip during hurricane season.” – Marie Arbeiter (Protravel, San Diego, CA)
  7. “My idea of a romantic vacation combines a little bit of relaxation and trying new things together. These days everyone needs to disconnect from their busy lives and relax a little bit. Why not disconnect from the craziness to reconnect with your partner? Relax on the beach or at a winery. Take in gorgeous views, indulge in a spa treatment, and enjoy a romantic dinner just the two of you. That being said, trying new things together on vacation is an excellent way to bond. Whatever your idea of adventure is – whether it be tasting local delicacies on a street food tour, gazing at wild animals from your safari vehicle, or skiing down a mountain– sharing these experiences with those you love is what’s important.” – Samantha Hartman (Protravel, Roseland, NJ)
  8. “Combine relaxation with adventure but focus on relaxing. Enjoy nice dinners, enjoy the spa, relax on the beach, and choose a resort that has enough amenities for you to enjoy.” – Lauren D’Ambra (Protravel, Roseland, NJ)
  9. “A beach vacation for relaxation combined with the energy of a city.” – Fran Fishman (Protravel, Harrison, NY)
  10. “Decide on a destination that you both want to see.” – Roberta Janian (Protravel, Boston, MA)
  11. “Plan it together!” – Ashley Les (Protravel, New York, NY)
  12. “Make sure you have enough money for your trip so you can enjoy it without worry.” – Julie Isaacson (Protravel, Miami, FL)

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