10 Workplace Wellness Tips

10 Wellness Tips to Stay Relaxed and Motivated at the Workplace

No matter how much you love your job and what you do, sometimes the stress at work or too little movement during your day can take a toll on our health. Trust us, we, at Protravel, have the best job in the world. Take Joyce Striar, for example, who says, “I am happy because I love what I do and through sharing and laughing with my associates.” So, even if you have the best job, there will be times when you need to make sure you incorporate much more selfcare into your work hours without interfering with your job.

With our dedication to wellness travel, we don’t just stop at finding you the best vacation experiences to rejuvenate your body and mind, but also give you a few ideas on how you can create a wellness-fostering atmosphere in the office. Stress management should be an important part of every workplace. Keep in mind, your health is most important, and you need to take care of yourself, every day.

Let’s take a look at a few examples to achieve wellness at your

Start Small

  1. To make yourself feel more relaxed and to de-stress you can start as small as by adjusting your lighting. The best is to soak up as much natural light as you can. But if you are not as lucky as Frank who gets to sit right by the window and you are stuck in a cubicle in the darkest corner of the office lit by flickering florescent light, make sure you go out as often as you can. If you can adjust your lights, do so by replacing blue or cold lights with warmer bulbs. People who have a window in or nearby their offices get better sleep, are more physically active, have lower stress levels, and keep their circadian rhythm in check.
  1. Now that you have adjusted your lighting, let’s take a look at your posture. Sitting all day alone is not healthy for our bodies, but if you also add permanent slouching to the equation, you can really make it worse. Believe it or not but sitting up straight will give you a feeling of accomplishment, whereas slouching makes you feel less motivated (are you sitting up a bit straighter right now as your read this?). How much easier could it be to improve your health and workplace performance. Just adjust your posture.
  2. Even if you feel more motivated at your desk now, don’t be tempted to have your lunch right there while you continue working. If you try to multi-task, you do not focus on your meal and run the risk to overeat. So, stop eating at your desk. Step away from your own environment and have lunch at your office’s cafeteria, your favorite nearby park, or designated seating area, best with others you can chat with and enjoy an actual break. You will be surprised how much more productive you feel when you return to your desk.
  3. Generally, try to sit less at your desk and find time for a nice walk. If you spend most of your day sitting, keep in mind that you should be walking around for at least an hour or two every day to improve your physical health as well as your productivity.
  4. To make it easier for yourself to sit less and move more, why don’t you replace your desk with a standing desk if your office allows it? You can also just add an adjustable stand up desk converter allowing you to switch back and forth from standing and sitting as needed.
  5. Don’t forget about the soothing effect nature has on our senses. Add a plant (not prickly cacti or overpowering scented flowers, but a green leafy potted companion) to your desk, office or cubicle and so invite nature into your work space. It can be that easy to create an environment that increases your creativity and feeling of wellness.

Be More Active

  1. Make sure you take time for mini workouts. Who has time for a full workout during their lunch break? But that doesn’t mean you can’t do some stretches and strength moves right at your desk. It can be that simple. Just keep small workout equipment right by or best on your desk, such as small weights or resistance bands or replace your office chair entirely or just for part of the day with an exercise ball, this will also help you prevent slouching. If you place it right by your desk you will be reminded to do some exercise in throughout the day. Don’t use not having workout props as an excuse, you can start right away by using your office furniture for “chair yoga” or standing push-ups. “I have elliptical steps under my desk and an exercise ball to sit on and work my core muscles while I work.”– Joyce Striar (Protravel, Harrison, NY)
  2. The majority of today’s workforce sits most part of their day in front of a computer screen and when we take a break, what do we do? Probably check our smartphones for missed calls, texts, scroll through our news feed or just play games to take break from work. Switching from one screen to another, even if it is not work-related, is not enough to give your eyes, mind, and entire body a break. Try to take a break from all kinds of screens and detox yourself from technology for a little while.
  3. One way to help yourself with your digital detox and relax is by taking meditation breaks. Take about ten minutes a day to meditate or to have some quiet time. In that time, you will be able to de-stress and refocus your energy and can continue your tasks happy and with improved productivity.

Do It Together – Challenge Yourselves

  1. If you need the extra push to make some small changes to your daily routine, why not teaming up with some of your colleagues and challenge yourselves to get healthier together. While your team meets at the end of each challenge to reward the winner, you can do each challenge’s task alone or together at your break or at your own time. Just set a goal you and your colleagues want to meet, for example daily habit challenges. Over the course of two to four weeks you and your colleagues think of different healthy habits that everyone in the group has to do each day, such as packing your own healthy lunch, taking a daily walk, sitting less. For each challenge you can set a prize to reward yourselves.

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